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I am a genuinely curious individual on a mission to help digital creators and startups realize their vision. Follow my journey:


  • Rob Manders

    Rob Manders

    enthousiastic golfer, avid reader, sportsfan, IT professional and CIO in Financial Services industry. Opinions made here are my own.

  • John Bjorn Nelson

    John Bjorn Nelson

    Computational Social Scientist Ph.D. Candidate. Wannabe cultural hacker. Expert Bikeshedder.

  • Onexlab


    Teaching & Developing For Startups

  • Vishal Khondre

    Vishal Khondre

  • Rubén Rodríguez

    Rubén Rodríguez

  • Ahlex Paes🐍

    Ahlex Paes🐍

    Brasileiro/Brazilian. Poliglota/Polyglot. IT Infra Analyst, Python Data Scientist/ Full Stack Dev. Jr, RubyOnRails Jr. and CyberSec. Enthusiast! 🤓🤑😎🐍

  • xactoeric


    Coffee, Maps, and Cocktails, not necessarily in that order. Accidental work related tweets due to one of the three. Live to travel with my husband Chad

  • Domonique Gordon

    Domonique Gordon

    Data Engineer

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