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I am a genuinely curious individual on a mission to help digital creators and startups realize their vision. Follow my journey:
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I have recently bought an e-book by a Gumroad author named Luca Dellana. I have to admit I did it mainly to see how successful authors on Gumroad package their offerings. I was initially skeptical about the book, dismissing it as just another attempt to capitalize on the self-help trend. As I kept reading, however, I found a few clever references washing away my initial skepticism. One quote in particular, stuck in my mind, and I cannot seem to stop thinking about it:

Originally published at on April 5, 2021.

It’s good to think about simplicity in terms of the tradeoffs we make when we take a particular decision.

The other day, I stumbled upon this post from 2019, and a couple of points in it resonated with me:

It’s good to think about simplicity in terms of the tradeoffs we make when we take a particular decision. Reducing language features might make the code easier to comprehend but slow down the adding of new functionality. …

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Perhaps not known to everybody, Unsplash, the free stock photography service, offers its own set of APIs, one of which caught my attention in particular. As part of the project behind my Generative Art in Go book, I needed a way to obtain source image material without looking at it first. By blindly fetching an image, I could guarantee that the final art sketch would be a process of chaos + generative algorithm and not a subject to my decision.

I found the following URL to be a straightforward way to get…

I found my way of living in peace with macOS Big Sur’s new Control Center

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Whether you love it or hate it, macOS Big Sur is here to stay. Moreover, it is the first version of what looks like a future direction across Apple’s entire ecosystem. I get it; the new UX might seem outlandish for many of those who have not worked extensively with the iPad. Even for someone who has worked extensively with the iPad for years, I gave it a few quizzical looks at the beginning while looking for my familiar things.

One of the significant design changes in Big Sur is the introduction of Control Center, known from iOS and iPadOS.

About a week ago, Apple released Big Sur, the latest version of macOS. While everyone else was busy downloading GBs of data from Apple’s servers, I took a different, less beaten path. Meet my new best friend, Ubuntu:

Meet my new best friend, Ubuntu!

Those who follow this blog would recall that I have been looking for an alternative to an Apple-dominated ecosystem for quite some time. While I tried different laptops, I never really got the same feeling of attachment that I have to my model 2015 MacBook Pro. It turns out, I like and respect older Apple hardware. There are tons of it out…

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Yes and no. To answer this question in detail, you have to understand how a machine learning algorithm goes from an idea to production:

It is a long and tedious process involving several steps. Much of what is considered “Data Science” is actually a tiny portion of the entire journey. Even today, most organizations don’t have a single source of Truth when it comes to data. Instead, everything is scattered around and might take years, before one develops a unified pipeline, providing clean and relevant data.

Only once this pipeline is in place…

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This post originally appeared on my blog.

Dating back to version 1.2, the with operator is one of Elixir's features that need a bit of time to comprehend at first. It often gets used in situations where one would use case, or vice versa. The main difference between the two is that with will fall through, if no clause is matched, while case will throw a no-match error.

Confused? Let’s start with some basics.

Use case when you need to perform exhaustive pattern matching, and ensure that at least one of the conditions matches:

case foo() do cond1 -> expression1…

Or, how to start up a business amidst an economic downturn.

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Dear friends,

I wanted to briefly explain the reasons for the time gap between this issue and the last one. All the events that happened this year proved one thing to me — time is the most precious thing we have. We should be using it for the things we love doing, not just for the ones we have to.

As harsh as it has been, 2020 proved to be a trigger for change. For years, I’d been toying around with the idea of sustaining myself and my family with the things I love doing. …

Try to remember the first time you heard about this fascinating language called Elixir. Chances are, you had by the time been developing software using Ruby. If that’s the case, Elixir seems to have appeared out of nowhere until suddenly, it became the solution for all your previous problems. It is fast, clean, scales extremely well. It was almost like the Ruby you’ve always wanted to have, but never got.

I say almost, because as much as you want it to be, Elixir is not Ruby. The familiar syntax has definitely helped the language win the hearts of the broader…

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