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I am a genuinely curious individual on a mission to help digital creators and startups realize their vision. Follow my journey:
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The human mind is a strange beast. Rather than remaining focused on one thing throughout our lives, it constantly shape-shifts based on our surrounding environment. This is not only a survival but also an evolutionary mechanism. …

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I have recently bought an e-book by a Gumroad author named Luca Dellana. I have to admit I did it mainly to see how successful authors on Gumroad package their offerings. I was initially skeptical about the book, dismissing it as just another attempt to capitalize on the self-help trend…

NOTE: beware, a product pitch follows

I often get asked why we put a “paywall” on @murmel_social so early.

My answer: It’s not early. It’s never too early.


I have built enough free services in my life as a software developer to know that they become unsustainable, unless you turn your user into a product.

An advice to all of you who quit their jobs to bootstrap side projects — put measurable and strict boundaries to your work days.

Always shut down your computers at the end of the day.

Remind yourselves that the reason you wanted to bootstrap was to get rid of the hamster wheel.

And I totally loved it. You should do it too!

Originally published at on June 28, 2021.

Here I am again, after a bit of hiatus after my last post. Things have been super exciting over here, and I cannot wait to share more info about what I have been working on. Let’s do things one by one, however…

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COVID-19 made us rethink the ways we used to organize meetings and events. By moving them online, we made events more inclusive and accessible to a larger segment of the population. Unfortunately, that also made them indistinguishable from one another. It took much of their identity away. …

Procrastination is the cheapest way to see if something withstands the test of time.

People express a lot of negativity towards procrastination. I tend to see things a bit differently. When you have many ideas, often, the best thing to do is do nothing about them. Carefully incubate your thoughts and come back to them regularly. Things that stick will reveal themselves to you over time.

Originally published at on April 5, 2021.

It’s good to think about simplicity in terms of the tradeoffs we make when we take a particular decision.

The other day, I stumbled upon this post from 2019, and a couple of points in it resonated with me:

… every decision…

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Perhaps not known to everybody, Unsplash, the free stock photography service, offers its own set of APIs, one of which caught my attention in particular. As part of the project behind my Generative Art in Go book, I needed a way to…

I found my way of living in peace with macOS Big Sur’s new Control Center

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Whether you love it or hate it, macOS Big Sur is here to stay. Moreover, it is the first version of what looks like a future direction across Apple’s entire ecosystem. I get it; the new UX might seem outlandish for many of those who have not worked extensively with…

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